V-Color Manta XPrism 32GB DDR5-6200 CL36 Review

We are already half a year after the Alder Lake-S premiere, which brought to homes DDR5 memory kits. The new RAM promises higher performance and many other improvements, but so far, it’s not so apparent to many users. The first generation of DDR5 memory controllers and various motherboard problems limited the expected performance gain of the new RAM. In addition, the high price of DDR5 and new motherboards didn’t convince everyone to move to the new platform. Today, are many more options in stores, and prices have gone down significantly as time has passed. Some popular brands are still holding back with their DDR5 memory kits, while others are releasing new series. This review will present the V-Color Manta, which was just released to stores.

V-Color isn’t a popular brand in the US but is gaining fans with a balanced price and good quality. I had a chance to review previous memory kits of this manufacturer, and I’m glad to see how the brand has been improving over the last few years. V-Color also isn’t afraid to release high-frequency memory kits, but sadly, most of them we can see only on the motherboards’ RAM compatibility lists. Enough with the introduction; let’s look at the reviewed memory kit from the Manta series.

Specifications and Features

The below key features come from V-Color, and you can find them also on the product’s website.


The V-Color Manta XPrism contains two 16GB memory modules. Modules have programmed one XMP profile, which works without issues on higher series Z690 motherboards. I had no problems with the profile on MSI MEG Z690 Unify-X and ASUS Strix Z690I-Gaming WIFI. However, Gigabyte Z690 Master couldn’t handle the DDR5-6200. Problems were also at lower frequencies, as even manual settings at more than DDR5-5600 couldn’t work on this motherboard. Since there is a long list of concerns with Gigabyte and various DDR5 memory kits, we can’t blame V-Color for this situation. We can only hope that Gigabyte releases new BIOS that fixes any compatibility issues with V-Color and other brands of RAM.

Below are screenshots from the ASRock Timing Configurator with a more detailed timings list and additional confirmations in CPU-Z. As we can see, V-Color Manta uses Hynix IC. Hynix IC overclocks high and heats produce less heat than the Samsung IC, so promises good results. This is excellent info for all who are into overclocking.

V-Color Manta XPrism memory modules are rated to work at 1.30V, which is relatively low for DDR5-6200. Brands like ADATA or Team Group typically use 1.35V for this frequency. The only other memory kit that runs at DDR5-6200 1.30V and is available in stores is Corsair Dominator Platinum. You can see it in the performance comparison in this review.