Come see Samsung’s giant 55-inch Odyssey Ark curved monitor at CES

Come see Samsung’s giant 55-inch Odyssey Ark curved monitor at CES


The Freestyle might be one of Samsung’s most unique and exciting devices revealed at CES, but if you’re looking to have a premium gaming experience, The Freestyle probably shouldn’t be your first choice — as fantastic as it may be. The good news is that Samsung has a ton more products to showcase at CES 2022, and one of them is the bonkers 55-inch curved Odyssey Ark monitor, which was designed specifically for avid gamers.

We were lucky enough to briefly test the new Odyssey Ark, i.e., the largest curved monitor yet, at CES 2022, and we’ve prepared another video for the occasions. Check it out below, stick around for more details, and join us in the comment section with thoughts and opinions on this new product.

Odyssey Ark can be used in landscape or portrait mode

The swivel stand is one of the most unique characteristics of the Odyssey Ark. Essentially, the monitor has a 1000R curve radius, similar to the Odyssey G9, except it has a taller 16:9 aspect ratio, which means it can be used in both landscape and portrait modes.

The Odyssey Ark supports 4K UHD resolution and has a response time of 1ms. As yet, Samsung claims that the Odyssey Ark can achieve a refresh rate of 165Hz, but this detail might change by the time the monitor goes on sale.

The Ark uses quantum mini LED display technology and offers six built-in speakers with Dolby Atmos. Some details are still missing, so we’re not sure about the number of ports and whether or not the display supports features such as G-Sync and FreeSync.

Samsung’s new curved monitor is big enough that we sort of wish it had a remote. One of those fancy new ones that charge from your Wi-Fi router’s signal. But, it doesn’t.

As to how much it will cost, we’re not sure. Samsung hasn’t revealed any exact release and pricing details, but we should find out more soon. Stay tuned and check our video below for a closer look at the Odyssey Ark at CES 2022.