GeForce RTX 4080 4070 Ti from ZOTAC

GeForce RTX 4080 4070 Ti from ZOTAC

ZOTAC is launching three custom models based on RTX 4070 Ti SKU. 

In case there was any doubt RTX 4070 Ti graphics card is coming, we have yet another custom designs to show you. The AMP Extreme AIRO is this flagship model based on this NVIDIA SKU featuring updated Ice Storm 2.0 cooling solution with three fans. The company is also launching two Trinity cards which finally bring 2.5-slot designs to the ZOTAC RTX 40 series.




ZOTAC’s AMP model is a 3.5-slot design, just as thick as the RTX 4080 model. It also comes with one 16-pin power connector and this particular model will be bundled with 3×8pin to 16-pin power adapter. This is important because some RTX 4070 Ti cards will ship with 2×8pin adapter.

Similarly, the RTX 4070 Ti Trinity OC will also use this adapter, but the card is visibly thinner (2.5-slot). The same thickness with applies to non-OC variant, however this model comes with dual 8-pin adapter. The Trinity cards use the same cooling solution, but you can quickly distinguish the OC model by gold fan stickers.