Asus Offers 16-Pin Cables to ROG PSU Owners For ‘Peace of Mind’

Asus Offers 16-Pin Cables to ROG PSU Owners For ‘Peace of Mind’

ROG Thor and Strix PSU owners in China are the first to benefit from this policy.


Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) has announced that users of selected power supplies can get a free official 16-pin power cable for “more peace of mind.” It must be talking about connector gate, where power cables connected to Nvidia’s flagship GeForce RTX 4090 have been reportedly melting, at an alarming rate. Notice of this free 16-pin offer was posted earlier today on official Asus ROG social media channels in China, like this one on Bilibili.

The image above shows Asus ROG is offering 16-pin power cabling to owners of Strix series PSUs (left) and first-gen Thor PSUs (right). It characterizes its actions as “giving back to loyal users,” and invites anyone to apply for the free official 16-pin cable via an Asus ROG WeChat channel.

In some accompanying explanatory text, Asus ROG China highlights some important T&Cs, before floods of people start asking for the free cable. It says that first-gen Asus ROG Thor and Strix PSU owners can apply for a free cable, as long as their PSU is rated for 850W output or better. However, Asus isn’t ignoring owners of ROG Strix 750W PSUs. If you have one of those PSUs, the company is asking for a proof of purchase for a GeForce RTX 40 GPU to qualify for a free official cable. Asus reasons that “750W is really a little small to be honest,” but it might be adequate for the RTX 4080 or RTX 4070 Ti with 16-pin power connectors.

Newer gen Asus ROG PSUs with higher wattages, like the Thor II, should come with 16-pin connectors as standard, in the modular cabling bundle, but check the particular product specs before purchasing.