Introduction of MXG

ZAHComputers brings you exciting news. After serving the Pakistani tech and gaming market for almost 10 years, we've come forward with a promising brand lined up with powerful products. Yes, Our very own Pakistani brand- MXG. A Little Bit About Us - ZAHComputers has been serving the Pakistani market since 2012 and strives to meet the customer demands to the best of their abilities, we are confident that our MXG products will live up to your expectations.

What is MXG - MXG stands for Metal and glass as our most of the products are made\Manufactured of these materials.
A brand introduced by ZahComputers that fulfills the needs of the gaming and tech market. The products of this brand reek of quality and superior performance that you find in big brands. Initially, we are offering monitor arms and desks to make consumers familiar with the brand and its superior quality.

How can we be so sure of the quality MXG brings to the Monitor arms & table\Desk?
Well, we have been eyeing and preparing to get this brand out in the open for almost a year. You can say that we've conducted a year's research to see if this brand fits the bill - both in terms of quality and performance. Fortunately, it does! You'll love the quality, performance and the look!

Expect more MXG products soon - We consider this move to be an experiment on the Pakistani market and consumer needs. The reason to start with a few products first is to get feedback from customers and to get them familiar with the brand. Might we add that the products are chosen keeping the quality and affordability in mind. Gradually, we'll be bringing in more products of the brand.