The server memory leading brand

V-Color Technology Inc. was established in 2006 by a team of experts with over ten years of experience in DRAM module testing. It is the headquarters and R&D centre; Located at Taipei, has the specialty, and the advanced memory ball placement technology and module factory instrumentation.

Devotes for a long time to the best global memory solution weeding through the old to bring forth the new, and marketing to the world by own brand “V-Color”.

Viewing the Private Brands is the great advantage to the Enterprises’ Long-term competition, we formally set up our Brand – V-color Memory, to provide the most efficient and Top quality Memory products.

Nowadays, V-Color has earned a reputation in manufacturing quality memory products with excellent pre-sales and post-sale services.

V-Color Promise

“Professionalism”, “Service”, “Quality” forms the principal of V-Color Technology Inc. Our goal is to always explore new technologies and discover profitable products, then share in the fruits of success with our customers in this challenging new era.

Vision Statement

V-Color will continue to enhance competitiveness in the global market, providing customers with high quality and advanced technology and products. Today V-Color obtain high reputation in the market, providing the perfect comprehensive services. Brand products has been extended to dozens of countries worldwide, V-Color brand seems to have become committed to high-quality technology products and lifetime warranty services.

Flexibility production line : Meet customers all memory need

Founder Tomson Ho holding a global partner to the best memory solution concept, led a group of experienced comrades commitment to allow customers to remember at all ideal body products V-Color disposable take the , V-Color product line from the general notebook and desktop memory dedicated to the memory of Apple Computer, and even the highest levels of compliance in the cloud center server memory can follow ISO9001 norms own production, in order to achieve the above concept, V-Color in 2011 to achieve a factory run unity of ideas, making the V-Color production line for the entire industry’s most flexible and efficient production lines, in addition to saving valuable time for customers, but also can help clients improve overall the efficiency of the procurement process.

Advantest semiconductor tester

In response to the advent of the cloud era, V-Color more heavily purchased Advantest testers, industry leading with four Advantest particle testing machine and a station module test equipment, and more industry-leading modules with the industry’s only Techwing test equipment, so that the memory under high load conditions can be stable operation, and finally into the real machine test cross-platform.

V-Colorindustry leading test process is different from the general machine measurement platform, unlike module plant found only in the platform after completion of module production, V-Color from the particle phase on the first ultra-pressurized and 85 degrees temperature screening test to better physical particles, the particles only through the test of this phase of testing before they can be used to produce V-Color server memory modules. And every tedious process, the purpose is to allow customers to use V-Color memory products are designed to allow customers to use the highest performance and most stable memory products, which is the V-Color can become a server memory one of the many elements of the body leading brands.

“Upholding professional services.
Absorbed in perfect quality.
Building mutually beneficial partnerships
Achieve customer satisfaction. “

V-Color uphold our policy and limited resources, through full participation, continuous improvement, improve working methods, management skills, the company’s product and service quality to meet the needs of customers have encountered.